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WS Cary & Sandhills Player

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How long have you been playing wheelchair tennis?  

"1 year now."

What got you into wheelchair tennis?

"I wanted to do something athletic, I knew there were sports for the disabled, I just landed on tennis. The people were the most welcoming."

How did you hear about WSNC?

"I googled wheelchair tennis near me. Cary's program was my best option. I then learned about the Sandhills program since I basically live in between the two."

If comfortable, what is your disability?

"I'm a bilateral above knee amputee. I had my legs amputated in 2020 due to arterial disease."

What have you enjoyed the most since joining WSNC?

"I've enjoyed learning something new. I am finding tennis as a sport to be quite enjoyable and rather difficult. It's also really great to see how accomplished the others players are. Inspirational!"

What advice do you have for new players starting to play wheelchair tennis?

"If anyone has already started, just keep coming, there is a skill level for all of us."

What are your goals with the sport?

"Find my niche in competitions and play a few tournaments a year. Right now I'm hoping to get competitive in the C level.  It appears that in itself will take a while!"

Where do you see your game in 5 years? Any aspirations?

"I hope to still be able to play in a few tournaments a year. I love to travel and competing with people from other areas.
   Winning is by far second or third most important.  Staying active and being around the other players is the best part."

Anything else you'd like us to know about you?

"I used to be a pretty good athlete, but that was around 25 years ago, way before I lost my legs. I never thought I'd be into sports again, especially not on wheels. But it's been amazing, not just for my body as I keep getting better, but also for my mind. I'm way more comfortable in my chair now, and I don't mind going out and being around people as much. I've said it before, but I can't thank the volunteers enough. When I called to ask if I could play, they were all so welcoming. It's honestly changed my life."

Interview conducted by Christian Felkl, Player Advisory Council Member.

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