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Wheel Serve NC is proud to offer a player grant for eligible program participants of $250 for reimbursement for up to 15 players maximum to offset any tennis expenses you may have to help you play more and more often. This grant is named in memory of Gary and Becky Workman and their steadfast love, commitment and enduring support of wheelchair tennis in Charlotte. Gary Workman was a seasoned player and the grandfather of our program, mentor and friend to all players. His wife, Becky, was his lifelong partner in life and on the court. She was a cheerleader for all who knew her. Click to read eligibility requirements.

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Wheel Serve NC strives to encourage its players to play outside of programming. With that in mind, we've created this grant specifically to offset the cost of court reservations and/or taking a private lesson. This annual grant is available to eligible WSNC players for reimbursement for a total of $100 up to 15 players maximum. We want you to grab a few friends, reserve a court and go play or if you're interested in working on your game with a pro, take a lesson on us.

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Wheel Serve NC is proud to offer a program grant in the amount of $450 that is available to each of our 5 current Wheel Serve NC programs. The grant may be used for reimbursement for any wheelchair tennis-related expenses. Grant cycle is available from 1/1/24 - 12/31/24. We want to support you in you supporting your wheelchair program and players!

*Players not eligible.*



With all games, we must have rules! Wheelchair tennis is an adaptive sport with few adaptations. It is easily played by all, whether you have a disability or not. You can play singles, doubles and even up-down tennis where both a wheelchair and able-bodied player are on the same court. Come check out how it's done...

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At Wheel Serve NC, we are dedicated to educating players, coaches, volunteers and the community on the sport of wheelchair tennis and providing the tools needed to be successful whether you are a player, program or volunteer. Take a look at these videos and learn about the necessary equipment and see tips on specific strokes and mobility patterns to make a player better at any level.

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Wheel Serve NC wants to encourage wheelchair athletes to compete in tournaments, but recognizes that most need help to better understand what is expected of them to be successful. Deborah Foster-Smith is a USTA certified Official for juniors, collegiate and adults for the past 16 years. She has served on numerous committees including the Diversity and Inclusion committee for both USTA NC and USTA Southern. Deborah has answered some of the most common questions regarding the rules of tournament play. Take a look at what she as to say.



We realize that transportation can be difficult when you are living with a disability. Just as there are a variety of disabilities, there are a variety of ways people travel to and from. If you drive or have someone to take you - great, but if you need help with other options, take a look at these ideas.



We love to play, but how do we afford it? As we know, playing any sport means you need equipment and/or coaching and the cost of that can be overwhelming, especially when you are a disabled athlete. Check out these grant options where your passion is recognized and rewarded.

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We all face struggles in life, some visible and some hidden. The challenge is how we choose to move forward and live each day. It's our choice whether we overcome or succumb to our adversities. We have an opportunity to be empowered and realize our best self. Check out these resources to help you redefine your life.

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