It's All Possible Because of You


Wheel Serve NC is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization. We are looking for caring, passionate and committed people to volunteer their time to help people with a physical disability play wheelchair tennis. You will be a part of the impact of making lives better and a community more diverse, compassionate and educated. We welcome all types of volunteers, whether you are a high school or college student, tennis enthusiast or a recreational/physical therapist. All are appreciated and all are valued. You will soon find out that in giving back you gain more and that life seems a little more worthwhile when we are helping each other through it!

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Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our wheelchair tennis programs. It takes people like you that want to help our players enjoy the game of tennis, make new friends and most of all to have FUN! Come join us and see how YOU can make a DIFFERENCE by just playing tennis.


We at Wheel Serve NC, want our volunteers to have the tools to better serve you and our athletes. Our Volunteer Manual covers the necessary steps needed to join one of our wheelchair tennis programs, it outlines what you can expect at a wheelchair tennis clinic and provides valuable information about working with people with a physical disability. Check it out...


We want you to feel comfortable volunteering with us, so we have given you several guidelines to follow to help you be successful at one of our wheelchair tennis clinics. The Wheel Serve NC Code of Conduct represents our core values and the culture of our organization. We're all about respect, valuing each other and breaking down misconceptions. Take a look...


Volunteering keeps everything in perspective for me. Helping, listening and sharing is a good thing. After playing, I am filled with pure joy because it's about you and your day on the court. There is no greater healing then all of us playing together.

Katherine Walker