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WS Charlotte Player


1. Why did you start playing wheelchair tennis?

I started playing wheelchair tennis because I was looking for ways to stay active during COVID in 2020 and ended up getting a membership at the YMCA where my first wheelchair tennis coach, Patrick Donaghey, taught. I saw him on the tennis courts, wanted to meet him, and he invited me to try hitting with him. I ended up loving it!

2. Had you played tennis or any other sports prior to your injury?

I had participated in an AB tennis camp here and there growing up, but was more serious about basketball and softball. I had wanted to play more adaptive sports after my accident, but couldn't find anyone to play with. 

3. Tell us about you off the court.

Off the court, I'm a licensed occupational therapist with pediatric experience. I'm currently taking some time off to prepare for being a first time mom. I've been married for almost 9 years and my husband, Ben, and I are expecting a son at the end of this month. We moved to the Charlotte area last June after Ben graduated from pediatric residency and we are thrilled to have begun this new adventure here. In my free time, I love to explore new places and spend time with family and friend

Interview conducted by Eric Pierce, Player Advisory Council Member.

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