Introduction to Wheelchair Tennis: Equipment

This video gives a brief introduction into the equipment needed to play wheelchair tennis including the sport chair and the necessary straps needed to safely and effectively play wheelchair tennis.


Introduction to Quad Wheelchair Tennis

This video gives more detail into what classifies a person as a quadriplegic and the adaptive equipment needed for his/her specific needs, including straps, tape, serving-style, etc.


Wheelchair Tennis Mobility Patterns - "The Hub"

USTA explains "the hub," which is a mobility pattern that helps a wheelchair player effectively move around the baseline to maximize his/her movement and ability to play.


Wheelchair Tennis - Serves

USTA explains the variety of serves a player with a disability may use to be successful at placing the ball in play. It's important to note that each player may have a unique approach that accommodates his/her disability.


Wheelchair Tennis - Singles Tactics

USTA offers specific offensive shots when playing singles that will help disarm your opponent.


Wheelchair Tennis - Backhands

USTA offers a look at various types of backhands that are most effective for a wheelchair player.


Wheelchair Tennis - Return of Serve

USTA offers insight on a wheelchair players return of serve. They share some great tips to help you understand the teaching aspect of the return of serve to an athlete with a disability who plays tennis in a wheelchair.


The Dos & Don'ts of Disability Etiquette

This video is led by two wheelchair players with different disabilities and experiences. A variety of topics are discussed to help able-bodied people better understand the disability population and what is and is not appropriate.