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What to Do to Help Us

Volunteer- Code of Conduct: Text

Welcome to Wheel Serve NC wheelchair tennis programming. We realize your lives are busy and your time is limited, so we are grateful you have joined us! We are so excited that you have chosen to volunteer your time, heart and energy to wheelchair tennis and our players. We are all here for a common love of tennis regardless of the adaptations needed to play or how well we play. We have listed a few guidelines to help everyone have a successful day of tennis.

1.  Have passion for the game of tennis.

2.  Have passion for helping others.

3.  Be mindful that you are volunteering for an adaptive sports program that aims to expose individuals with physical disabilities to the sport of tennis. 

4.  Treat each player as a human being that deserves the same respect as you. A person’s disability is just a small part of what makes that person whole. Try and remember that people in wheelchairs are the same as you, they just happen to be sitting down.

5.  It’s not unusual for a player to share their injury/illness journey with you. If this happens, we welcome you to have conversation. We ask that you let the athlete tell their story first and that you do not initially ask them about their injury/illness.

6.  On clinic days, it’s your responsibility to do whatever is needed (i.e. ball pick up, work one-on-one with a beginner-level player, play doubles, or cheer from the sidelines) for the weekly tennis clinic to operate successfully.

7.  Listen for direction of who you are assigned to work with for that session. Once finished, please return to Program Coordinator for additional direction. 

8.  Our goal is to have multiple courts operating at once and constantly rotating players and activities (i.e. drills, match play, one-on-one instruction, volley game, etc.) to maximize time and variety of skills incorporated into the weekly tennis clinic.

9.  Encourage players on their progress and/or positive attitude. We want players uplifted and confident about their abilities on and off the court.

10.  We encourage you to make new friendships with people you may have never had the opportunity to do so before.

11.  Play hard, but not too hard (depending on skill-level of player). We want our players to feel challenged, but not discouraged.

12.  Remember it’s ok to ask a player if they would like help. A player doesn’t mind saying yes or no.

13. Be an advocator Wheel Serve NC by visiting our website (, following us on Facebook to help promote and support what we do locally and statewide.

14.  Most of all, have fun and instill the joy of playing tennis at any level.

Volunteer- Code of Conduct: Text
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