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Who Matters

We want to celebrate the players, volunteers and others that make wheelchair tennis in North Carolina possible. Take a look at their story and how wheelchair tennis has improved so many lives. You always hear that it takes a village to make something happen, so take a look at all of these integral people.

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Player - Wheel Serve Charlotte

Rod is a seasoned wheelchair player, who at 80 years old has played for 33 years. He plays a smart game and enjoys mentoring new players. He loves to compete, but he also loves to socialize and have fun while on the court.

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Volunteer - Wheel Serve Charlotte

Deb is a diligent volunteer for Wheel Serve Charlotte and is loved for her willingness to help in any way, her amazing tennis skills and her sense of humor. She and her husband, Ernie, have lived in Charlotte for six years. Deb has played tennis for 17 years.

Deb - 2.heic
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Player - Wheel Serve Cary

Bob is 74 years old with semi-pelvectomy. He has been playing wheelchair tennis for two years. Bob loves the sport and the positive impact it has had on his quality of life.

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Player - Wheel Serve Cary

Carrie Cleary is an enthusiastic wheelchair player for Wheel Serve Cary. She played tennis prior to her injury. Because of her passion and commitment to the sport, Carrie is volunteering her time to help recruit players for the soon-to-be Wheel Serve Sandhills program. She is a perfect advocate for the sport, since she understands its benefits on the person as a whole.

News & Events - Meet Us: Meet the Team
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